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Music Lessons

At Georgia Prep, we believe that creating a well-rounded student enhances his or her future. That’s why we offer a diverse range of course content that’s designed to spark excitement and curiosity within our students. In addition to diverse classes, we also offer music lessons for students in a wide range of instruments, so every student can discover the joys, challenges, and triumphs associated with music.

Why Music Lessons?

Multiple studies have shown that music can help improve a student’s ability to learn better. For example, students who take music lessons perform better in math and science fields, as music helps sharpen the mind and increase concentration. Students who engage in music lessons are also more likely to be well-rounded students, which is appealing to high schools, universities, and other world-class institutions.

In other words, music lessons can help ensure that your child is a success – no matter what future he or she might envision.

In addition to music lessons, our teachers also offer courses on Dance/Drama, Literature/Writing, Art History, and Home Economics. For students who are yearning to join the arts, Georgia Prep can help turn those dreams into a reality.

Our Commitment to Your Child

Georgia Prep provides high academic standards accompanied by intensive individual support. Teachers work on interdisciplinary teams to ensure that students are receiving lessons that span multiple scopes and disciplines. Georgia Prep also believes that intelligence is developed through focused and efficient effort, which helps students achieve a sense of safety and self-efficacy within their surroundings.

Children with bright futures start at Georgia Prep. Interested parents can call 770-922-4636 or visit for more information, including our course offerings, tuition fees, and pricing for music lessons.


We will keep you updated.