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  • The new school year calendar is available now online.  Events, school closings and other information can be found ...
  • July 26th, 3-5pm, please come and meet your new teacher and tour our facility.  We look forward to seeing you then.
  • Hello all.  Just a reminder book fees are now due.  Please make payment before July 15th.

About Us

Georgia Preparatory is a private school dedicated to helping children achieve a brighter future through integrated learning experiences and diverse courses. Georgia Prep has a strong commitment to accessibility and diversity. The school’s policy is to embrace all who desire to provide a better education for their children. Georgia Prep works to provide an affordable first-class education with a broad range of integrated programs and services, coupled with innovative learning approaches.

At the heart of the Georgia Prep experiences is the belief that the school is the institution which provides assistance to parents in fulfilling this responsibility, thereby supplementing and/or complementing the training the child receives at home.

Georgia Prep provides high academic standards accompanied by intensive individual support. Teachers work on interdisciplinary teams to ensure that students are receiving lessons that span multiple scopes and disciplines. Georgia Prep also believes that intelligence is developed through focused and efficient effort, which helps students achieve a sense of safety and self-efficacy within their surroundings.

At Georgia Prep, students learn to apply concepts through projects, service learning, and publishing. The teachers at Georgia Prep use multiple forms of assessment to track mastery of content, which ensures that all students are learning in an effective and wholly comprehensive manner. Georgia Prep believes that reading and writing are the foundational aspects of every class, which is a skill that’s emphasized throughout the school’s curriculum. Georgia Prep currently offers classes in Bible Studies, Phonics/Reading, Language Arts/Spelling, Literature/Writing, Math, Research, Georgia Studies, American Government, World History, Earth Sciences/Biology, Health, Physical Education, Dance/Drama, Art History, Computer Technology, and Home Economics. Parents can request more information on these classes, as well as Georgia Prep’s tuition fees.

Children with bright futures start at Georgia Prep. Interested parents can call 770-922-4636 or visit for more information.


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