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  • Georgia Prep!
    Georgia Preparatory School serves home schooling families and traditional schooling families interested in achieving...
  • Georgia Prep!
    0ffers computer labs where students collaborate and develop sustainable living solutions. We allow the children to learn both basic and more advanced computer skills. ...
  • Georgia Prep!
    Is a private school for kindergarten through 8th grade. Children cultivate critical thinking and learning skills as they flourish in an atmosphere of collaboration and discovery. ...
  • Georgia Prep!
    Offers a variety of games and recreation for all ages. From arts and crafts, games, chess, and more ...
  • Georgia Prep!
    Provides students with opportunities to experience a variety of physical activities to help foster a lifetime of physical well-being.
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Conyers Preparatory School

Your child deserves the chance to shine – and at Georgia Preparatory, we ensure that every child stands out in the spotlight. Our vision is a simple one: to prepare every student for a successful future, both academically and socially. Georgia Preparatory (or “Georgia Prep” as we’re fondly called) is dedicated to providing academic excellence through empowerment, engagement, and excitement.

In other words, we make it easier for your child to learn.

Diverse Classes For Diverse Students

At Georgia Prep, we believe that creating a well-rounded student enhances his or her future. Take a look through our curriculum, as you’ll see that our classes reflect just that. We offer a diverse range of courses for our students, including:

  • Language Arts/Spelling
  • American Government
  • Bible Studies
  • Math and Research
  • Literature/Writing
  • Dance/Drama
  • Computer Technology
  • Georgia Studies
  • Earth Sciences/Biology
  • And much more!

We believe that the most successful students are engaged and active within their communities; that’s why we also offer classes on local government, world history and research. Whatever future your child dreams of, Georgia Prep can help him or her turn it into a reality.

Affordable Tuition For A Brighter Future

At Georgia Prep, we don’t believe in charging tens of thousands of dollars just to give your child the chance at a brighter future. That’s why we charge some of the lowest tuition rates for a private school in the greater Atlanta area. This ensures that more children can have access to a first-class education from a world-class institution.

Please see our Tuition/Fees page, or request a brochure with more information on our course curriculum and tuition rates for the current academic year.

About Georgia Preparatory

Georgia Prep has a strong commitment to accessibility and diversity. Our policy embraces all who desire to provide a better education for their children. Our school works to provide an affordable first-class education with a broad range of integrated programs and services, coupled with innovative learning approaches.

Help your child achieve a bright future. Contact Georgia Prep today at 770-922-4636 for a campus tour or request a brochure for more information.

What people say for Georgia Prep?
“If you are looking for a school that will prepare your child to be able to compete in this world, GA Prep is the place”.... Click Here.”...
Taiti Pitts ,
Proud GA Prep Parent

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